Custom Photo Quilt Square Sample

Custom Photo Polyester Quilt Square (10.5" x 14.5")


We offer one 10.5" x 14.5" polyester quilt square page, printed with your photograph or original artwork. This larger page allows more images to be printed on one page, such as, four 4" x 6" images(as shown) or one  10x14 image, etc. We will always provide you with the best value for you when pages are layed out. Image size plus 2x seam allowance must be considered when placing images on the page. Text can be added to any image, just specify size and color.


One 10.5" x 14.5" printed quilt square page is $11.99with free shipping in US.  


See Easy Ordering Instructions.

For shipping outside the US, please request a Paypal invoice for actual shipping charges.


We can convert color images to black & white or sepia at no additional charge.